• Owl Creek Band

    Owl Creek Band sprang up from an informal basement jam session on Sunday afternoon. This weekly event quickly crew from a couple of people to dozens who would meeting to sing and play music. The genre was wide and the level of each musician varied, but the group shared a real connection to the music. On a typical week, the group played Americana, Blues, Country and Classic Rock and as word spread, more musicians from all over the area would meet and jam. Soon the group spread out to open mic events in the area and more people joined, and others moved on to other groups. However, a nucleus of players formed into a solid band and soon they realized that they needed a name to define the group. The Cherokee county area of Georgia has long been known as one of the top gold producing counties of GA during the 1,800 and as late as 1930, active gold mining occurred in the area. Founding member, James Watson was an avid gold bug and spent many hours combing the local streams, and researching the old gold publications and maps. He realized that his home, which was located next to the bank of local Owl Creek, was directly across from an old gold mine from the 1,800. The love of music, history, the outdoors, nature and wildlife came together in the name "Owl Creek Band".

    Throughout 2009 through 2011, founding members James Watson, Kelly Becker, Steve Hicks, Rodney Browder, and Ray Wood all played actively. A special hang out was "The Cotton Mill Deli" a converted cotton warehouse, turned coffee shop in downtown Woodstock, GA. The early videos show a group of passionate singers and musicians, with a strong leaning to early Americana Music, and a flair of old country, blues and rock. In 2011, due to a job change, James relocated to Torrington, CT, which was quite a change for southern boy to hit the New England area. However, Owl Creek Band, was quickly reformulated in Connecticut. Always near the water, the band settled in on Stillwater Lake with a talented group of local musicians. Dale Osborn, Keith Bilodeua, Erica Greco, Dennis Marolda along with James Watson traveled and played music extensively across CT. They soon performed for local baseball teams, Township events, fund raisers and too many bars to mention! With a sound unlike anything in the local area, the crowds loved the dance focused, old school country, blues and rock, fused with new songs by current country artist.

    However, in 2013, with yet another fast paced change in the ever changing American job market, it was move back to GA that pulled Owl Creek Band back home. James got to work reforming the band with many of the original songs and often the original members set in to play or sing. The current group begin to focus on larger venues and a wider mix of Country, Blues and Classic Rock, including some New Country and some Top 40 hits. The new group included professional and former touring musicians who brought a professional sound an polish to the band. The band also engaged professional media expert Dan Seals with Georgia-Country.com began promoting the band. They were nominated for the George Country Music Awards in 2015 and again in 2016 and stay actively playing such venues as Club 201, Gibbs Gardens, American Legions in Gainesville & Rome, Bodocks in Canton, Taste Of Marietta, and many others across GA.

    Today the group is more focused than ever on bringing the best in live music entertainment to the widest possible audience. They see a huge interest for great music, played well with live musicians and singers. Owl Creek Band stays true to the traditions of live music, playing without the use of pre-recorded sound track. The public are sometimes surprised to see live and local singers and musicians in such a large group, playing a huge set list and taking request live. The groups drives the music and the music drives the group as they strive to improve and expanded each time they play together. What's in store for Owl Creek Band in future years? Right now they are just focused on bringing the best in live music entertainment to as many people as possible.


    For more information or to book The Owl Creek Band, go to OwlCreekBand.com