• Rick Byers

    Rick Byers has been entertaining Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida for over 10 years now. He and his band have been road proven and are up to any show. Rick has performed country, southern rock, blue grass and Americana at many prestigious venues such as Mad Life Studios and Charities like The Belle Meade Plantation-Nashville TN. Also Cobb and Paulding Rodeos and the Georgia State Fair.

    As a military veteran Rick is extremely supportive of local charities and events to support veterans. Rick and his band often donate time and performances to charities including many shows at American Legions, St Judes and an annual show at the Murray County Saddle Club for Perk Welch. Rick clears his schedule for at least 6 charity events per year. Having been reviewed by many publications including Full Throttle Magazine, Rising Star Magazine and local newspapers Rick still maintains his signature personality. He always seeks to include the audience in all of his shows by coming off stage and performing amongst the crowd and demonstrates his desire to be close to the fans by making himself available before, during and after shows for a quick chat and a friendly handshake.

    The humble and genuine Rick Byers has several noteworthy accomplishments under his belt now including his recent signing with Ossum Possum Records and his equally new contract with Goliath Entertainment which makes him a National act. Some other significant events include Live on air with WYYZ, Jasper, Kicks 101.5, WKOV, 103.5 and Chanel 3 Chattanooga just to name a few. Rick has 3 impressive songs playing on radio stations currently "I'm your Man" which he wrote for the love of his life, best friend and wife Lisa, "Never Started Drinking" and "This Ole Road". Rick had his first airplay in 2008 with "Me and You" which he wrote during a tough single period of his life. On Jan 19th, 2018, the band opened for Confederate Railroad at Rocco's Pub in Jasper.

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