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CD Review - "Tuckerville" Chris Massey (Jan 22nd, 2016)

Atlanta based singer, songwriter Chris Massey has been an active performer over the years, originally playing in a punk band thirty years ago, but after living life, he decided he wanted to get back to performing. So, instead of going back to any punk music, he turned to what is probably born with, a honky tonky, rockabilly sound. Chris shows that side very well with his new cd "Tuckerville". Chris opens the cd with "Easy Lovin You", a toe tappin' number about loving that woman was so easy so he wished "everything was" as Easy Lovin You. "The Next Thing" is another song in the long line of "break up" songs, where the girl is "gone" and he's the next thing gone. "To Be Young Again" is an upbeat reflection on life and loving live while you're young. "Lucky In Love" shows off some fiddle and dobro where the guy was lucky to meet that special girl. "Tuckerville" the title track, slows it down, a song about living the life as a musician. Chris turns it back up with "Lily's Love" with some great slide on the guitar about chasing that girl and Lily keeps coming around. "My Baby's Lovin" about that special woman. A great love song with Valentine's Day coming up. "She's All In Me" is another track about that special woman. A good swing, toe tapping number. Other highlights of the cd is "My Country Side", is a southern rockin' country cut about showing that girl his "country side" before anything goes further. Chris closes out the cd with his great honky Tonkin sound with "One More Drink", about living life and the things that get that him through the day, esp "One More Drink".

There is no "bro country" on this cd from Chris. He brings a fun honky tonk feel, singing about heartbreak or love throughout the cd. A great soundtrack to any honkytonk on a Saturday night.

Players on cd: Chris Blackwell, David Faulkner, Joseph Patrick Moore, Chris Corso, Brandon Bush, Jonny Daly, Randy Smith, Joy W. Fowler, Lee King, Wes Funderburk, Brian Stephens.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Bonzo Tunes Studios. Produced and Engineered by Brian Stephens.

Chris will be having a CD Release Party at Moonshadown Tavern in Tucker, Ga, on Jan 23rd.

For more information on Chris Massey and the cd, go to Chris Massey Band

(Dec 15th) Venue Review - East of Austin - Villa Rica

Shelia Quattlebaum and her husband Mike, opened up East Of Austin in Villa Rica in June of 2014. Their goal was to give the area a venue for listening to great music, in the mode of great listening rooms such as Bluebird Café in Nashville and Eddie's Attic in Atlanta. They achieved their goal by having an intimate listen room that a person can set and enjoy great music. The capacity of the room is around 90 and front row seats are just a few feet from the stage. Shelia didn't want just another live music bar, full of the loudness that goes with a regular bar. The venue is non alcoholic, sodas and snack on most nights, so all ages are welcomed. For food and drink, they do have a concession stand. With the venue being intimate, it feels like you're amongst friends just hanging out and enjoying music. Shelia also makes everyone feel at home and appreciated with giveaway drawings during the night, maybe recognizing someone's birthday or special occasion. The night of my visit, the modern blues band, The Sole Travelers were on stage and played a great assortment of uptempo songs along with ballads. East Of Austin has a great sound system yet is not too loud for any patron. The system really lets you enjoy the music, words and instruments the whole night. East Of Austin showcases a wide range of genres, from blues, to country, classic oldies and Americana. Currently the venue has live music about twice a month with a goal to add more nights as it continues to grow. Again, East of Austin is unlike any music venue in the west Georgia area, a place where any music lover can go, sit and enjoy the evening. East of Austin is located on Edge Road, just off the Liberty Rd Exit in Villa Rica. Just about a mile west of the Leathers Truck Stop.

For more information on East Of Austin, go to

(Dec 7th) Song Review - "I'll Stop Loving You" Crystal Hopkins

2014 Georgia Country Awards Female Artist of the Year finalist Crystal Hopkins continues her progression in her country music career annd her newest single "I'll Stop Loving You" proves it. Jessup native Crystal showcases her southern Georgia twang yet with a fresh sound and deliverance. The song talks about a girl that was promised the world by a guy, she gave him the world, but he cast her aside like "a beer can in the back of the truck". The song is a mid temp song, ballad with an upbeat. Even though the song is about heartbreak its also uplifting as anyone that wants to move on from disappointment and looking forward to the next step in life. Crystal continues to stay close to her roots in country music yet paint it with a fresh voice and sound.

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(Aug 20th) CD Review - "Angels And Alcohol" Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson has followed the footsteps of his idol George Strait in many ways and one way he's doing it, is still making great country music well into his fifties. Alan has done that on his newest cd, "Angels And Alcohol". Most acts as they get into the twilight of their career, have a hard time findings good to great songs anymore but unless you're Alan Jackson that writes MOST of this own material. This cd could easily been right out of the peak of Alan's career in the late 90s as he has a great balance of uptemp two steppin type songs, to great ballads, to showing his humor as well. He opens the cd with "You Can Always Come Home", a song about getting back to your roots and home no matter where you go in life. "You Never Know" is a honky tonkin', hillbilly swing number about "You Never Know" when that love comes around. The title track "Angels And Alcohol" is a ballad of how the whiskey and a good woman don't mix. "Gone Before You Left Me" is a story telling song about a rambling man, never settling down. Alan slows it back down with "The One You're Waiting On", talking about a woman all alone in a bar, wondering who she is waiting on. Every country cd has to have a song about drinking and "Jim And Jack And Hank" proves that with a tounge in cheek cut about the guy isn't worried about the girl leaving, he's got company in "Jim And Jack And Hank". He closes out the cd with another great toe tappin cut, "Mexico, Tequila And Me", about tired of life and heading south of the border. In all music genres, the truly "great ones" continue to have a successful career well into middle age and Alan is proving he belongs in that category. This is a must have for any Alan Jackson fan.

(July 24th) Venue Review "The Crazy Bull" - Macon

The Crazy Bull in Macon is located practically downtown, right off Main Street. With Macon basically Georgia's "Music City" maybe that is appropriate. The Crazy Bull opened a couple of years ago and has continually featured some of Georgia's top talents and also bring in top regional and occasionally major names. The venue is a median sized venue, not too big but not too small as well. Once you enter, you'll find a long bar on the right hand side that makes it easy to obtain your favorite beverage. There is a small corner bar to the left. Between the entrance and main seating, The Crazy Bull has a mechanical bull for its patrons (maybe the only regular mechanical bull left in Georgia). The bull stays busy and it's still an attention grabber as folks love to still take their chances for eight seconds. There is a modest seating area with tables that give you a great view of the stage. Down the right hand side of the bar, there is a row of booths that set up on a left for great viewing as well. In the middle left of the venue, a decent size dance floor with a rail around half of it (other half is adjacent to wall and stage), that provides plenty of two stepping to line dancing. The stage for the bands is a modest size stage with plenty of room to entertain the crowd. The Crazy Bull has a back bar that is in the rear of the venue with a window to order sandwiches to burgers. The night this editor was there, there was a wide range of ages attending the venue so it seems it appeals to all types of patrons in the Macon area and the state. With the decline of the once popular Whiskey River in Macon, it's great to see Macon, with its long musical history, have a great venue for country music. So, next time you're in "Heart of Georgia", be sure to stop on in at The Crazy Bull.

Check out the below pictures from The Crazy Bull

(May 27th) CD Review - "Georgia Moon" Katie Belle Akin

Katie Belle Akin is an Atlanta based country singer and her CD "Georgia Moon" is a 3 song cd with two originals., "Georgia Moon" and "Next Thing In Tennessee" along with a cover of RaeLynn's "God Made Girls". "Georgia Moon" has had allot of air time on Atlanta's Backyard Country on The Bull over the last several months. It's a love song that is easy to listen to about finding love on a "summers night", chasing fireflys, red clay under your feet and under a "Georgia Moon". The song is well produced with traditional country instruments added, the fiddle and banjo. A song that never gets tired to listen to. Katie Belle picks it up with "Next Thing In Tennessee". Song starts about how she's an Atlanta girl but want to get to Nashville. She pays homage to Loretta to Taylor, from playing the Opry to next to the Cumberland River. A fun song that will have you tapping your foot or clapping along. She does a great job in covering "God Made Girls" to close the cd. She's right on cue and production is radio ready, if she wanted to release the song too. Katie Belle Akin is a rising country singer in the Atlanta area and even though young, still knows where the roots of country are.

Songwriters: "Georgia Moon" & "Next Thing In Tenneesee" - Katie Belle Akin, "God Made Girls" - Lori McKenna and Liz Rose.

For more information on Katie Belle Akin and to purchase cd, go to

(May 20th) Show Review - "Always... Patsy Cline" - Dallas Theatre, Dallas, Ga

The "Always.... Patsy Cline Show" was at The Dallas Theatre this past weekend. If you love Patsy Cline and her music but yet have not seen this show, we encourage you to do so when it rolls back through your area again. Di'Ana Christine potrayed Patsy and Marion Desio potrayed Louise Segar. The show is based on the real life relationship between Patsy and Louise in the early 60s when Louise went to see Patsy in concert. They stayed in touch after the show through letters up till Patsy's death. The musicial / play is full of all the best Patsy Cline songs that fits perfectly with Patsy's and Louise's life. Di'Ana changed wardrobe often as the musical progressed showing the different styles that Patsy Cline wore. The show is often full of humor and Marion engages the audience often, even coming down on the floor to dance with audience members. There was also a band called the "Bodacious Bobcats" that backed the show. The band members consisted of Atlanta area musicians. Tim Hamilton on pedal steel, Ivan Duke on lead guitar, Carlos Cabrera on piano and Trey Duke on bass. (there was a drummer but name was not recorded). Again, if you love Patsy Cline and want something different than just a tribute show to Patsy, we highly recommend this show. (Watch slide show above to see pictures from show).

(March 18th) CD Review - "Hurricane" Lauren St. Jane

Marietta based, Americana, Alternate Country, Lauren St Jane's brand new cd "Hurricane" is a great pickup for anyone looking for great rootsy country with a touch of rock infused sound. Lauren shows that she's a real redhead with her powerful lyrics and crafty songwriting. The title track "Hurricane" kicks things off about a girl getting over a stormy relationship (pardon the pun). The song is a driving cut that will make you want to listen to again and again, great guitar licks late in the song. Lauren slows it down next with "Running Around". She shows off her great vocals on this track and Jeremy Ezell of the Well Reds shares vocals on the song, they make a great match. An easy going song to listen to with the windows down on a spring day. She picks it back up with "Falling", a toe tappin' feel good song about "falling" in love. A song that very well could be a hit on today's country radio. "Down By The Water" is a country, bluegrass fun song that will keep you humming with over and over. Lauren's bio states Americana / Alternate country, but this writer would call her straight up country and feel good country, not full of the bells and whistle that radio songs can have these days. While only four songs, Lauren really shows off her great talent in these four songs. She will definitely be one to watch in the coming year and beyond.

Songwriters: "Hurricane" Lauren St Jane, Jeremy Ezell and Jameson Elder. "Running Around" Lauren St Jane and Angie Aparo. "Falling" Lauren St Jane, Josh Brundage and Jeremy Ezell. "Down By The Water" Matthew Heath and Haley Collier.

Produced and Recorded at ZK Productions, Atlanta, Ga.

For more information on Lauren St Jane and to purchase cd, go to

(Oct 14th) CD Review - "On The Wind" David Leon

For an artist still in his early 20s, David Leon respects and honor's country music's roots and tradition and it shows on his five song cd "On The Wind". He opens the cd with honoring one of his idols Waylon Jennings, with "Waylon" about how today's music has gotten off track and we'd love to go back to the day of "Waylon". "Take Me Back" is a soothing retrospect to the good days. David cranks it up some with "Runaway Train", a cut about a guy going crazy over a girl. "One Hand On The Bible" slows it back down about how if you keep the bible close by, it will lead you in the right direction. He closes out the cd with the title track "On The Wind" about a man that has to do what it takes to support his family. David's dad is a truck driver so very well could be a tribute to his dad, Phil. Even though still young, David is a veteran on the local scene as he's been performing for around ten years now. He's honed his craft, esp with songwriting about life and love. If you get to see David live, you'll sense his love for God and family as well as his love for traditional country music.

CD produced by Susan Shewbridge with David Leon. Mastered by Susan Shewbridge at Susan Shewbridge Studios

To purchase this cd or songs from the cd, go to David Leon "On The Wind"

For more information on David Leon, go to David Leon Music

CD Review - "All Kinds Of Trouble" by Tony Sims

If you saw and heard Atlanta based Tony Sims perform, you would swear Roy Orbinson or Buddy Holly got in a time machine and showed up in 2014. Tony Sims channels the feel of Roy, with Buddy, maybe some Flying Burrito Brothers or Marty Stewart. His cd "All Kinds Of Trouble" showcases the many talents and sounds of Tony. Opening cut "Goodbye Sweetie Pie" is a rockabilly cut, that will have you either toe tapping or up and swing dancing right away. Title track "All Kinds Of Trouble" about that girl, if she leaves him, will leave him to just get into "All Kinds Of Trouble". "I Think I'm Falling In Love" shows of his guitar licks (which Tony has quickly garnered reputation for his guitar play). He brings it down some and gives all a great Roy Orbinson feel in "I'll Remember You". "Blame It All On Me" is a track of the guy just taking the blame for his girl's heartaches. The next track again shows off Tony's great guitar skills, "The Beginning Of The End", a swaying slow love song. "Picture Perfect Moon" could be a cut right out of the 50s. Next track, "I Don't Care" is a quick pace, guitar licking cut. Tony closes out the cd with "Falling In Love", a good cha-cha type song, that will having you singing along. Tony brings to the stage a country feel, but shows all his influences of Roy, Buddy, Elvis, even some Dwight Yoakam and Harry Connick, Jr. Tony's cd is a old school yet fresh sound on the scene. It's great to see a local act that shows his original creativity as well as his roots and influences without having to try to sound like all other acts.

For more information on Tony Sims and the cd, go to Tony Sims

CD Review - "Country At Heart" by Larry Scroggs

Gainesville based Larry Scroggs' new cd "Country At Heart" hits it home with die hard country / southern rock cuts. The first track on the cd "The New USA" is a song about how our country currently is, about how the hard working is taken advantage of it seems even they keep on working hard. How the American Dream is slowly being chipped away at. "Long Way Home", featuring Kimberly Dean, is a ballad about two reflecting back on their love and where did it go wrong. Larry picks it back up some with "Don't Cry For Me", a somewhat country gospel song about going on to heaven and hoping his love ones rejoice in that. The title track "Country At Heart" about how no matter what the person looks like or is, they are "country at heart" and want to hear some good country music. A good two stepper. "Dirt Road Democracy" might be a bio song about growing up and learning life's lessons the "country" way. Larry tells the story of a guy moving on after a relationship in "Want All You Take",,, a ballad that would be a good "buckle rubbing" song. Larry's Harley and fun side shows on the cut "Ride Naked", a tribute to his love of riding the "steel horse"!!! "The Noise" is a track about life and the things we have to deal with and learning to appreciate the things in life, even though we might not like them at that time. He slows it back down with "Changing" about a guy always changing for the woman in his life and all for the love from her. The cd closes out with the upbeat southern anthem "Southern By The Grace Of God" about southern living, working hard during the week and playing harder on the weekend.

Larry is the front man for The Asphalt Cowboys and his voice and songs will remind you of a mix of Hank, Jr to Montgomery Gentry. Songs on the cd where either written by Larry Scroggs or co-written with: C White, Kimberly Dean, WB Dean or B Bobo. Recorded at uTOBYa Stuido, Marietta, Ga ; Trackside Studio, Ga and North Studio, Waleska, Ga. 2014

For more information on Larry Scroggs and The Asphalt Cowboys, go to Asphalt Cowboys

CD Review - "Matt Pippin" - Matt Pippin

Matt Pippin's self-titled five song cd was released in 2013 and showcases one of the top talents in Georgia. A longtime veteran on the country music scene in Georgia and he shows that experience on every song. The opening track "What's Left" is an up tempo song (will remind you of Dierks Bentley's Lot Of Leaving Left To Do),, that talks about getting over a past love but everywhere he looks, he has reminders of her. He slows it down on the next track with "Daddy Took The Dirt Road", a retrospect look at the past and how things are changing around him and reminds himself how "daddy took his time". "Outrun Her Memory" is another look at trying to get over a past love. A mid tempo song that is easy going with a great story. The next cut, "Bigger Small Town", a favorite of this author, about how he and the girl and it seems that "small town" might be too small. Matt turns it up on the last track, "Out In The Country" with a southern rock influenced feel that will get you up and singing along. He ends the song with a fun "fee fi fo fum, aint nobody take our guns", which the song is the theme song for the Family Traditions TV Show on The Sportsman Channel. On the cd, Matt honors his roots in country and keeps it country while still keeping it fresh for today's new country listeners. It's a good mix of up tempo, toe tappin numbers to some great story telling ballads. Matt continues to make strides in his career as he was Georgia Country Awards Finalist for Male Artist of the Year and Overall Artist of the Year in 2013 and his music show continue to carry him far in 2014.

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